Spring Ahead

Snow is still on the ground, but eager gardeners have begun appearing at Michler's to get a glimpse of what we are planting for the spring. We know from all of the phone calls that you are already brainstorming your own gardening projects.

We want you to know that it is certainly not too early to schedule an evening garden design consultation with John Michler. John gives personal attention to each garden project and shares unique recommendations with each client. His hands on approach means that his schedule is filling quickly.

To schedule a consult or gift a consult to a friend call us at 859.254.0383. The cost for consultations is $125.

PS Thanks to Frank Doering, photographer and garden client, for the photo from his garden shown above.

March 04, 2014 — Robin Michler

Bonsai Workshop

Saturday, March 8th, 11AM-3PM at Michler's. $95

Finally, after weather delays and cancellation of this workshop in December, Ryan Gugeler, the local bonsai guru, will return to Michler's to lead a bonsai workshop.

The price, which includes your new tree and lunch, is a bit higher than our other classes, as Ryan has selected Japanese Yew trees from his collection, which are small, compact, and have had preliminary shaping last year by Ryan. During the workshop he will demonstrate techniques, and then guide you in shaping and wiring each tree to enhance their already unique forms.

We are limiting spaces in this workshop to ten projects. Want first pick from Ryan's trees? Sign up soon, as tree choice is given in the order we receive your registration! Sign up online anytime or by phone 859-254-0383 during business hours.

PS If you have your own tools, please bring them along. 
March 04, 2014 — Robin Michler

Darwin's Orchid

Stop by our greenhouses this week and visit Darwin's Star Orchid.  This unique orchid has nectar tube several inches long, which is what attracted Darwin's attention.  Below is the back story excerpted from a post by the New York Botanical Garden.  

The story goes that Darwin was sent a sample of the flower in 1862. Upon seeing its long, narrow, nectar tube, he predicted that there must be an insect with a very long proboscis (a tongue-like part) that could reach deep within the hollow space to “drink” the nectar at the bottom. In so doing the insect would bump into the flower’s sticky pollen, enabling its transfer from one flower to another.
But no such insect had ever been seen in Madagascar where the orchid came from, or anywhere else. And many scientists believed Darwin was wildly wrong, so he was ridiculed for his prediction.
Nonetheless, Darwin firmly believed that the star orchid had developed its long nectar tube as an adaptation to help ensure pollination because orchid flowers have their pollen in a single mass and cannot disperse it as other flowers do. The orchids need their specific insect pollinators to survive.
Sure enough, about four decades after Darwin’s prediction, an insect with the exact physical characteristics that Darwin had predicted was discovered. Called the Hawk Moth, its scientific name is Xanthopan morganii praedicta, which is Latin for ‘predicted moth’ in honor of Darwin.

Click here to leave this site and read their full article.

February 19, 2014 — Robin Michler

Valentine's News and Tidings

Valentine's Day is approaching, and we look forward to helping you spark the flames of love.  In preparation, we have created a new website design with an updated Valentine's collection.  As you have come to expect from us, all of our Valentine's orders will be:

  • Designed by our talented florists (no throwing inexperienced people willy-nilly at the design table).
  • Filled with fresh, superb flowers (we order early from reliably excellent farms).

Early orders are appreciated and recommended.  As always, you can order:

Online: www.michlers.com
By phone: 859.254.0383
In person: 417 E Maxwell Street

February 03, 2014 — Robin Michler

Lush and Local Peonies and Tomatoes



Lush and Local Peonies from Michler's

Peak Peony season has arrived, thus now is the time to take your courtship to the next level.  Consider a short and lush arrangement full of body and color for a stately lady, or a field bouquet for a free spirit.  

As always, you can order:
By phone859.254.0383
In person: 417 E Maxwell Street  


Kentucky Heirloom Tomatoes


Tired of flavorless red spheres?  We have heirlooms tomato plants in all shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors.  But we are starting to sell out of some varieites, so don't dally too much longer...Below are three great Kentucky heirloom varieties.  Click here to read about Vinson Watts, Kentucky's own 'Mater Man.P.S. While you are here, don't forget to take a look at our Buy One Get One bench.  You will find some treats, like thornless blackberries and Butterfly Weed.  


Pike County Yellow

Tall vines, long season, orange fruit.  (Photo from Baker Creek) 



Vinson Watts

From Morehead, KY.  A must try for the Kentucky Tomato lover. (Photo from I Dig My Garden)

Barnes Mountain Yellow

From Barnes Mountain, KY. Rich flavor, large 1-2 pound fruit, perfect for Beefsteak fans.  (Drawing from Baker Creek) 

May 22, 2013 — Robin Michler

Mother's Day Blooms 2013

We are brimming with blooming plants and shrubs grown by us for your Mother.  Mother's Day is officially Sunday, May 12th, but we anticipate orders piling up as the week progresses, so our advice is to order today.  

Need help narrowing down our Mother's Day Collection? here are three tips:

1) For the classy Mother: A floral subscription of rotating contemporary designs.  
2) For the adventurous Mother:  An orchid with an exotic flair.
3) For the green thumb Mother: A basket of blooming KY Proud perennials that will show your love year after year.

As always, you can order:


By Phone: 859-254-0383

In person:  417 E Maxwell Street 

May 05, 2013 — Robin Michler
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Michler's May Day Celebrations

Michler's May Day Celebrations

Wednesday, May 1st

Act 1: Where Sugar Meets Lavender

Polly, our resident baker, is mixing shortbread cookies with unexpected twists and Claudia is cutting Sweet Woodruff for her May Wine.  Stop by during the day to sample the delectables.  

Naturally, we will be tempting you with herbs and fruits that we have for sale.  As a bonus, we will have buy one get one specials marked on selected edibles and other surprises. 

Act 2: Where May Day Meets Preservation Month

The three current generations of Michlers will be hosting the Bluegrass Trust's deTour at the greenhouses, which will include a history tour lead by John Michler.  Following the tour the Bluegrass Trust will be hosting a reception with Billy's BAR-B-Q around the corner at the Latrobe House.  

See the full details and RSVP here: 
April 30, 2013 — Robin Michler

Greenhouse/Landscaper Position at Michler's

Spring is near and we are gearing up for a busy season.  In order to care for our plants and customers, we are in need of one or two dedicated employees to join our team.  

This position is heavily focused on working with plant material.  Therefore, a strong knowledge of botanica and horticultural experience is preferred.  Greenhouse and landscaping work requires prolonged standing, walking, lifting, squatting, and bending, sometimes in extreme heat or cold.  The applicant must have the stamina and schedule to work until the job is done.  Absolutely no smoking during the workday will be permitted.  The starting hourly wage will be between $8 and $10 plus vacation pay, depending on level of experience.  

Examples of duties include: propagation, watering, weeding, cleaning, helping customers, providing assistance to managers, preparing new garden beds, mulching, planting, and constructing stone paths and patios.  

If you are interested in applying for a position, please fill out this application and bring it by the shop. 


Warm regards,

The Michlers 

February 25, 2013 — Robin Michler

Valentine's Day

Each year we fill our shop to the brim with vibrant flowers to help you spark the flames of love.  

You can help us ensure your Love's delight by calling us now at 859-254-083 or ordering online.  

Does your passion have a sweet tooth?  Our supply of Lexington honey is running low, so order soon if you plan to add a jar of honey to your bouquet.  The bees won't replenish our stock until May.

February 07, 2013 — Robin Michler

Blue polka dots abound!

What are all of the blue polka dots for? 

With this lovely cool weather, it is finally time to plant!  As a bonus to our fall gardeners, everything you find tagged with blue polka dots is on sale.  

Hungry? All of our well rooted fruit trees, berries, and grapes are 10% off.

Buy one get one free specials abound for many of our most popular flowering perennials and grasses.   Want more details on sale plants?  Click here for a pdf list .  (Alas, lots of great sale items are missing from this list--you will just have to come and find the polka dots...)  

Not a gardner?  Send your friends our Autumn Zinnia Special: Grown, planted, cut, designed, and delivered 100% in Fayette County. 

Happy planting!  



Pear 'Sekel'

These pears are growing on one of our pear trees, but they could be your backyard snack.


Hibiscus 'Turn of the Century'

This perennial favorite has got the buy one get one free polka dots.


Autumn Zinnia Special

Locally cut zinnias in warm tones combined with golden grasses emanates the pleasant Autumn sun.
September 14, 2012 — Robin Michler

Michler's 111th Birthday Party

Five generations, 111 years, and still in full bloom. 

Join Michler's family and staff for herb-infused beverages, hor d'oeuvres, and live music.  

When: Monday, June 4th 5-8PM (John Michler will lead a historical tour of the Greenhouses at 6pm)
Where: Michler's, 417 E Maxwell Street.  There is a parking lot in front of the greenhouses and a lots of street parking available. 
Why: Experience the magic of our historic glass greenhouses with flowers, music, and friends.  
How: RSVP on Facebook and share the event with your friends.  (If you are not Facebook inclined, surprise us.) 

Warm regards,
The Michlers 

PS We will have lots of buy one, get one free specials, so your garden doesn't feel left out of the party.
May 31, 2012 — Robin Michler

Lexington Herald-Leader's January Garden

Susan Smith-Durisek recently wrote a article in the Herald-Leader titled "Whether for peace or healing, gardens provide respite"

She selected 12 distinct local gardens for people to explore during this coming year.  Michler's is honored to be chosen as January's destination:


There is an indoor world under glass at Michler's Gardens and Greenhouses (Michlers.com), 417 East Maxwell Street. You'll find orchids in bloom, a living green wall, and bonsai trees that thrive year-round. A visit is perfect for a quick, inspirational pick-me-up.

Usually January is a quite time at Michler's, so it has been exciting to have people stop by to check out what is in bloom.  As luck has it, we have phenomenal orchids that are blooming now, so come by to explore.  

You can follow Susan's blog here: http://gardening.bloginky.com/


January 13, 2012 — Robin Michler