Monarch Video and Garden Tour

Anne is a butterfly lover and she has been diligently growing beautiful Asclepias (Milkweed) at Michler's farm for several years.  Below is a video Anne made of Monarch Caterpillars chomping down on some of Michler's Milkweed. 

Monarch Caterpillars Eating Milkweed from Michler's Florist on Vimeo.


Interested in planting some Asclepias for the Monarchs? Michler's grows and sells several varieties and we still have a few left.  

Want to see some examples? Don't miss the upcoming Monarch Waystation Garden Tour organized by the Lexington Chapter of Wild Ones.  More information can be found at

Michler's accountant, Neil Morrison, has one of the Monarch Waystations on tour (yes, even the number crunchers here are plant people).  There is also an informal gathering following the garden tour at the Kentucky Native Café here at Michler's Greenhouses.  

June 24, 2015 — Robin Michler

Kentucky Native Café Open and Hiring

Thanks to everyone for a great first two weeks.  We have enjoyed seeing and serving so many long time friends.  If you are looking to spend lots of time with us, consider applying for the open café position.  

Click here for the application.  Ability to work evenings and weekends is a must, as well as a willingness to lift and cary heavy dish racks.  


June 10, 2015 — Robin Michler
Now Hiring

Now Hiring

Are you looking to work, learn and sweat?

Michler’s is hiring. We are gearing up spring and are hiring assistants in the florist, greenhouses, delivery, & garden crew.  As we are a small business, expect more than one role and weekend flexibility is required.  

We have an all-star staff and new positions are (at least initially) assistant positions.  Thus, prior horticulture experience is not a requirement.  Work at Michler’s requires prolonged standing, walking, lifting, squatting, and bending, sometimes in extreme heat or cold.  The applicant must have the stamina and schedule to work until the job is done.  Absolutely no smoking during the workday. 

If you are interested in applying for a position, please visit our Now Hiring page for the application and more details. 



March 04, 2015 — Robin Michler

Summer Garden Consultations

These beautiful summer evenings are perfect for spending in the garden.  

John Michler is available to consult with you on making your garden a beautiful outdoor room.  Give us a call us at 859.254.0383 or visit us at 417 East Maxwell Street. 

July 10, 2014 — Robin Michler

Summer Flowers

The summer heat has arrived and spring bulb flowers have retreated to the ground. It is the season for Sunflowers, Lilies, and Lisianthus.  Consider sending a custom composition including locally grown Sunflowers from Three Toads Farm or fragrant Lilies from Little Miami Flowers.  

As always you can order:
Phone: 859.254.0383
In person: 417 East Maxwell Street

July 10, 2014 — Robin Michler

Our Friends the Bees and Butterflies


Busy Bees 

at Michler's 

The butterflies and bees have been busy at Michler’s and we hope in your garden too.  After some struggling, our honey bees look like they will give us a sweet harvest this year.  We are also excited to report that we have spotted Monarch larvae on our Milkweed. 

At Michler's we have many beautiful plant collections on display this month to enhance fluttering, buzzing, and humming in your garden.  Looking for hands on advice in your garden?  Consider scheduling a garden consultation with John Michler. 

July 10, 2014 — Robin Michler

Kentucky Heirloom Tomatoes


Tired of flavorless red spheres?  We grow heirloom and select hybrid tomato plants in all shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors.  But we are starting to sell out of some varieites, so don't dally too much longer...

By the way, Kentuckian's have grown great tomatoes for generations.  At Michler's we feature five historic Kentucky Heirloom varieties:

Barnes Mountain Orange

Granny Cantrell's German Pink

T.C. Jones

Vinson Watts

William Stripped

To check out our full collection of tomato plants, click here

May 06, 2014 — Robin Michler

Mother's Day in Bloom 2014

We are brimming with blooming plants grown by us for your Mother.  Mother's Day is officially Sunday, May 12th, but as we anticipate the last minute deluge of orders, kindly preempt your procrastination and place your order today.  

Need help narrowing down our Mother's Day Collection?  Here are three tips:

1) For the green thumb Mother: A basket of blooming KY Proud perennials that will show your love year after year.
2) For the classy Mother: A floral subscription of rotating contemporary designs.  
3) For the adventurous Mother:  A climbing Clematis to reach for the sky. 

As always, you can order:

By Phone: 859-254-0383

In person:  417 E Maxwell Street

Our spring hours are Monday-Saturday from 9AM-5PM and the greenhouses are open Sunday 11-3PM for walk in visits. 

May 06, 2014 — Robin Michler
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Spring Ahead

Snow is still on the ground, but eager gardeners have begun appearing at Michler's to get a glimpse of what we are planting for the spring. We know from all of the phone calls that you are already brainstorming your own gardening projects.

We want you to know that it is certainly not too early to schedule an evening garden design consultation with John Michler. John gives personal attention to each garden project and shares unique recommendations with each client. His hands on approach means that his schedule is filling quickly.

To schedule a consult or gift a consult to a friend call us at 859.254.0383. The cost for consultations is $125.

PS Thanks to Frank Doering, photographer and garden client, for the photo from his garden shown above.

March 04, 2014 — Robin Michler

Bonsai Workshop

Saturday, March 8th, 11AM-3PM at Michler's. $95

Finally, after weather delays and cancellation of this workshop in December, Ryan Gugeler, the local bonsai guru, will return to Michler's to lead a bonsai workshop.

The price, which includes your new tree and lunch, is a bit higher than our other classes, as Ryan has selected Japanese Yew trees from his collection, which are small, compact, and have had preliminary shaping last year by Ryan. During the workshop he will demonstrate techniques, and then guide you in shaping and wiring each tree to enhance their already unique forms.

We are limiting spaces in this workshop to ten projects. Want first pick from Ryan's trees? Sign up soon, as tree choice is given in the order we receive your registration! Sign up online anytime or by phone 859-254-0383 during business hours.

PS If you have your own tools, please bring them along. 
March 04, 2014 — Robin Michler

Darwin's Orchid

Stop by our greenhouses this week and visit Darwin's Star Orchid.  This unique orchid has nectar tube several inches long, which is what attracted Darwin's attention.  Below is the back story excerpted from a post by the New York Botanical Garden.  

The story goes that Darwin was sent a sample of the flower in 1862. Upon seeing its long, narrow, nectar tube, he predicted that there must be an insect with a very long proboscis (a tongue-like part) that could reach deep within the hollow space to “drink” the nectar at the bottom. In so doing the insect would bump into the flower’s sticky pollen, enabling its transfer from one flower to another.
But no such insect had ever been seen in Madagascar where the orchid came from, or anywhere else. And many scientists believed Darwin was wildly wrong, so he was ridiculed for his prediction.
Nonetheless, Darwin firmly believed that the star orchid had developed its long nectar tube as an adaptation to help ensure pollination because orchid flowers have their pollen in a single mass and cannot disperse it as other flowers do. The orchids need their specific insect pollinators to survive.
Sure enough, about four decades after Darwin’s prediction, an insect with the exact physical characteristics that Darwin had predicted was discovered. Called the Hawk Moth, its scientific name is Xanthopan morganii praedicta, which is Latin for ‘predicted moth’ in honor of Darwin.

Click here to leave this site and read their full article.

February 19, 2014 — Robin Michler

Valentine's News and Tidings

Valentine's Day is approaching, and we look forward to helping you spark the flames of love.  In preparation, we have created a new website design with an updated Valentine's collection.  As you have come to expect from us, all of our Valentine's orders will be:

  • Designed by our talented florists (no throwing inexperienced people willy-nilly at the design table).
  • Filled with fresh, superb flowers (we order early from reliably excellent farms).

Early orders are appreciated and recommended.  As always, you can order:

By phone: 859.254.0383
In person: 417 E Maxwell Street

February 03, 2014 — Robin Michler