Driving down a scenic road through the Bluegrass you will see seemingly random patches of Daffodils in the middle of a field.  Often Daffodils are all that remains of where an old wood home once stood, nature fully reclaims the home, but the daffodils planted decades ago return year after year.  

Daffodils are gratifying to plant because their bright warm, sunshiny yellow color seems to help shake off any lingering winter gloom. Of course you have to plan a little ahead -- every fall Michler's caries a selection of our favorite Narcissus varieties that naturalize well here in Kentucky, including the Tete-a-Tete miniature Daffodils pictured in this post.  Some other varieties that Michler's sells in the fall are:  Ice Follies, Dutch Masters, Geranium, and Thalia.  

For those looking for something for their Easter table we also sell blooming bulbs including the Tete-e-Tete Daffodil in pots.  When the holiday is over and they are done blooming, just plant them out in the yard. They will continue to bloom for many springs to come.  

Robin Michler