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Creating beautiful gardens, floral designs, and meals begins with
exceptional people. We seek people who think creatively, work hard, and
are fun to be around. Interested in getting started? Take a look at some of the details.


This year we celebrate 123 years of actively growing flowers and plants for the people of Lexington, KY.   Now run by the fourth and fifth generations, Michler’s is a family business that remains deeply connected to the agricultural roots of floristry and to the people and community of Lexington.  The essence of our job is to bring people out of their daily routines to enjoy the beauty of the botanical world.  

We are looking for artistic people who love plants and flowers and would like to continue or start their career in floristry and horticulture with us. We know our application might take some time, so below are some frequent questions you might have before diving in.  

What is the job like?

At Michler's we have roles in delivery, florist, greenhouses and gardens. There are not separate job applications for different sections of the business, because all job roles at Michler’s are multifaceted and your exact combination of job tasks will vary based on your priorexperience, the season, and our business needs.  Your role would also evolve over time as you develop your skills and knowledge.

Some of the these tasks can be physically demanding, such as carrying 50lb soil bags to the potting bench, carrying flower buckets, or working in a hot greenhouse.  We stay busy around here, and much of the day is spent on your feet working hard. At the end of the day you have the satisfaction to step back and see all the healthy plants, beautiful gardens, and unique flower

What are the hours?

All of our jobs are full-time and weekend availability is required. If you are only available part-time because you are a student, but will be graduating soon, feel free to make a case that you are worth the wait.
If you only want part-time work, then consider applying for Kentucky Native Café instead of Michler's.

What is the pay?

It depends on our job openings and your experience. As a guide: pay ranges from $15-$20 per hour for most people here. Expect to start at $15 per hour if you have a college degree and full-time work experience for more than one year as a florist, gardener, or horticulturalist. If you do not yet have comparable experience, we are happy to provide training to the right person. However, while you are learning the job, expect to make $12-$15 per hour.

What is relevant experience?

Our team comes from a variety of career and education backgrounds and we enjoy opportunities to attend classes and trainings to further our knowledge and skills. Relevant experience is not required to apply, but here are a few to mention in your application if you have them.  

  • Art- and design-related experiences are an asset 
  • Flower design and horticultural knowledge are an asset 
  • Photography and editing skills are an asset
  • Paid Time Off: Full-time employees receive two weeks per year.
  • Discounts: Employees receive 40% discount on plants and flowers and 50% on food and drinks from Kentucky Native Café.
  • Tips: Customer tips are pooled and distributed monthly with payroll. Typically, tips add about $1.5-$2 per hour, sometimes higher during peak months.  
  • Education: We offer both in-house staff training and educational trips. Read about a few staff trips on the blog.
Are there raises?

Yes, we give raises annually on March 1st. Raises are based on a combination of business performance and individual skills.  

Kentucky Native Café

In 2014, the Michler Family took its skills as gardeners and florists, and set out to create a space for organizers, book clubs, foreign language speakers, poets, and artists to meet and discuss the happenings around town. This space is now known as Kentucky Native Café.

If you are looking to work in a wooded garden, move and groove with the hustle of a bustling café, and make flavorful food with local ingredients, we encourage you to review the FAQs below and consider applying to join the team.

What are the hours?

Shifts are approximately 8 hours each. We offer both full-time and part-time jobs. Full time is approximately 40 hours, and part-time applicants should have a minimum of three shifts (24 hours per week available). We are busiest weekends, so consistent weekend availability is required.  

What are the physical requirements?

We do a lot of lifting—think 50lb flour bags and racks of hot beer mugs from the dishwasher.

What are the available jobs?

At Kentucky Native Café we are a small team so everyone cleans, prepares food, pours drinks, plates food, and washes dishes. The daily focus of your shift will depend on our needs and the team scheduled that day.
Because everyone will need to be able to serve alcohol, we require café staff to be 20 years old.  

What is the pay, and what are the benefits?

Tips make up a significant portion of pay for all café staff positions. All staff are eligible to participate in the tip pool. In addition to tips, there is an hourly base pay. For most staff the base pay ranges from $10.50 to $15 per hour. We do factor prior full-time work experience into your starting base wage and are happy to discuss pay expectations during an interview.  

Additional benefits include the following:

  • Paid Time Off: Full-time employees receive first two weeks of November paid vacation each year.
  • Discounts: Employees receive a 40% discount on plants and flowers and 50% on food and drinks.
  • Education: We offer both in-house staff training and educational trips. Read about a few staff trips on the blog.
Are there raises?

Yes, subject to business performance, everyone receives a raise annually on April 1st.  

Will I hear back?

We typically review a couple weeks' worth of applications together, and if we are interested we will give you a call for an interview. While we try to respond to as many of the applications as possible, we are simply unable to respond to everyone.

Is this seasonal?

No. Effective in 2021, Kentucky Native Café operates in the winter, serving from our new kitchen into a heated greenhouse.  


There are no management positions currently available.


An internship at Michler's is a great option for someone looking to learn aspects of the florist and horticulture industries, but is either currently in school or is not ready to commit to a long-term job. A typical length of time is three to six months. Your schedule should allow for at least three full work days a week.

Our internships are paid $11 per hour.

To apply for our internship position, email your cover letter and CV to