A cold period improves the germination for Poppies, so March is the perfect time to sow Poppies in Kentucky.  Most Poppies don't like to be transplanted from pots, so it is best to sow them directly in the ground in a spot that gets lots of sun.  

One of our favorite varieties here at Michler's is the Bread Seed Poppy, because it has a beautiful purple flower and produced pods full of delicious Poppy seeds. If you ate any of our Lemon Poppy Seed Cookies we sold at the Christmas Market, you ate Poppy seeds from our garden patch photographed above.  

The Poppy seed varieties we are carrying this year are: 

Poppy Bread Seed 
Poppy California Mikado
Poppy California Orange 
Poppy Flanders American Legion
Poppy Iceland Nudicaule Blend
Poppy Oriental Blend
Poppy Oriental Brilliant
Poppy Peony Double Blend

Robin Michler