Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use your space for a photography shoot?

Welcome to our historic family florist and greenhouses in downtown Lexington, KY. Unique and naturalistic backdrops can be found throughout our greenhouses and gardens. Customers may take personal, nonprofessional photographs as long as they abide by the photography rules below:

Rules of the gardens and greenhouses:

  • Stay on designated pathways and in seating areas
  • Do not move our property, including plants, furniture, and signs.
  • Leave space or make room for staff and customers to move around you.
  • Do not climb trees/architecture
  • No smoking.
  • Do not hang objects (including props, lighting, or clothing) from trees or architecture.
  • Nothing may be staked into the ground including equipment, props, or signs.
  • Please buy any flowers or bouquets that you need from us. Do not bring outside flowers or plants (this is how we make our living).
  • Do not disturb plant labels, price tags, or containers.
  • Michler’s reserves the right to deny any photography or film request at any time.
  • Photography deemed inappropriate by staff is not allowed.
  • Our premises will be open to the public during your session.
  • No entry allowed in areas designated as restricted.
  • Come dressed! Our restroom needs to stay open for customers and staff and is not available for costume changes.

Commercial, Editorial, and Film Project

Michler’s has served as the backdrop to television ads, fashion shoots and more. All projects with the purpose of advertisements, re-sale, or other uses with large distribution will require a location permit to be arranged and paid for in advance. Please write to us at with the nature of your project and we will be in touch.

Professional Portrait and Group Photography Sessions are required to apply and purchase a photography permit.

Can I rent your greenhouses or café?

No, we do not rent our café or greenhouses for weddings or special events.

What is your flower arrangement guarantee?

Most of our business is from customers like you, who have trusted us for generations to design and deliver beautiful flowers. If we missed the mark on any aspect of your order, please call us (fastest) or email us. We always appreciate the opportunity to fix a mistake and make corrections for next time.  

What is your plant guarantee?

We guarantee that the plants we sell are healthy when you buy them; however, we don't guarantee them after they are in your care. If you see the health of your plant starting to deteriorate, please give us a call at 859.254.0383, so one of our greenhouse staff can help troubleshoot the problem.  

Where do you deliver?

Anywhere in Lexington, KY - follow the link for same-day delivery times