Peony Plants at Michler's Florist, Greenhouses & Garden Design

Early in spring, you will see small ruby red sprouts reaching out of the ground in many yards and gardens. These odd little limbs grow taller and glossy leaves begin to unfurl from all sides. Very soon, you have a bushy little peony getting ready to burst into bloom. It becomes a brilliant plant with large luscious blooms of white, red, pink, or yellow and often has a fuzzy yellow center. It's blooms are fantastic when used as a cut flower and can last for over a week. When you plant a young peony, it could take a few years for it to bloom. But once it's established, it will reliably bloom for many, many years. Some have had a healthy life of over a hundred years. 

Here at Michler's we grow and sell established peony plants ready to bloom in their first year.  All of our Peonies are potted up once a year, so once a variety is sold out, it won't be available again for a year! Thus, don't delay if you want to snag your favorite varieties.  The varieties of herbaceous peonies we grow are:  

  • Peaonia (Peony) 'Chinook'
  • Peaonia (Peony) 'Fringed Ivory'  (ivory white double)
  • Peaonia (Peony) 'Gold Standard'  (white Japanese)
  • Peaonia (Peony) 'High Adventure' (silvery pink double)
  • Peaonia (Peony) 'Karl Rosenfeld'
  • Peaonia (Peony) 'Krinkled White' (white single)
  • Peaonia (Peony) 'Laura Dexheimer'
  • Peaonia (Peony) 'Margaret Clark' (dark pink double)
  • Peaonia (Peony) 'My Petite Cherie' (soft pink semi-double)
  • Peaonia (Peony) 'Scarlet O'Hara'  (red single)
  • Peaonia (Peony) 'Sarah Bernhardt'  (pink double)
  • Peaonia (Peony) 'Steve's Choice'
  • Peaonia (Peony) 'Walter Faxon'

One of John Michler's favorite for perennial gardens is Peaonia 'Scarlet O'Hara' and for cut flowers a florist staple for bouquets is 'Sarah Bernhardt'. If you are looking for taller more structural plants you might want to consider combining these traditional herbaceous perennial Peonies with taller Itoh Hybrid varieties or Tree Peonies.  


April 12, 2018 — Holli Friley