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For five generations our family has continually grown flowers and plants for the people of Lexington, Kentucky.  Today John, Claudia, Robin and Jessamine Michler are joined by a staff of florists, horticulturalists, gardeners, and cooks to keep Lexington vibrant.  

We invite you to step into our greenhouses and smell the latest blooms, drink a craft beer or glass of wine, and taste our herb inspired café menu.  We offer consultations to discuss wedding flowers, garden design, or how to spiff up your company’s appearance with a floral subscription.  

For our online visitors, we offer online ordering for local flower delivery anywhere in Lexington, Kentucky.  Our experienced design team is steeped in traditional design methods and charged with designing innovative and contemporary floral arrangements using carefully sourced local and florist quality flowers. 

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Potted Cyclamen Michler's Florist


A flock of heart-shaped petals flare upward and hover over deep sliver-green foliage on the houseplant favorite, cyclamen. Clusters of bowing buds wait to lift up their petals alongside the mass of flared blooms forming months of showy bloom time. You can find colors of red, pink, purple, and white.
December 11, 2018 by Holli Friley
Sugar Plum Trees

Sugar Plum Trees

Introduced to Lexington by Jean and Karl Michler after seeing them on a trip to Chicago about 65 years ago, they became a Christmas tradition at Michler's.  In an age where styles change so fast, it is refreshing to make a custom tree for you year after year, decade after decade.
December 11, 2018 by Robin Michler
Hardy Hibiscus

Hardy Hibiscus

These hardy hibiscus varieties bring a tropical feel north a few zones. They bloom in the middle of summer when heat and humidity are high. They like full sun but if it is particularly hot, they would appreciate a little shade. They look great planted toward the back of a flower bed so they can tower above and compliment it's plant neighbors.
July 13, 2018 by Holli Friley