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For five generations our florist family has continually grown flowers and plants for the people of Lexington, Kentucky.  Today John, Claudia, Robin and Jessamine Michler are joined by a staff of florists, horticulturalists, gardeners, and cooks to keep Lexington vibrant.   

We invite you to step into our downtown Lexington, KY florist and greenhouses and smell the latest blooms, drink a craft beer or glass of wine, and taste our herb inspired café menu.  We offer consultations to discuss wedding flowers, garden design, or how to spiff up your company’s appearance with a floral subscription.  

For our online visitors, we offer online ordering for local flower delivery anywhere in Lexington, Kentucky.  Our experienced flower design team is steeped in traditional design methods and charged with designing innovative and contemporary floral arrangements using carefully sourced local and florist quality flowers. 

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Seedleaf Compost Pick-Up

Seedleaf Compost Pick-Up

For those of you who lack the space (or the desire) for your own compost bin, Seedleaf offers a compost pick-up service.  Diverting your vegetable trimmings from the landfill couldn’t be easier than this.  

Kentucky Native Café is fortunate enough to be one of Seedleaf's compost partners and each week during café season we fill up five gallon buckets to keep our trimming out of the garbage.  

February 07, 2019 — Robin Michler
Signature Valentine's Designs

Signature Valentine's Designs

Are you looking to capture the season, the romance, and the beauty of Valentine's Day? That is what we look to do when creating one of our signature designs.  Your eye will move from the romantic wispy gestures, to the opening spring bulb flowers, and finally come to rest on the large open cut roses.  
February 06, 2019 — Robin Michler
Red Open Cut Roses at Michler's Florist

Open Cut Roses

Are all cut roses equal?  You intuitively know they are not — at a glance you can tell some blooms are more vibrant, lush, and impressive than others. 

While there are a number of variables such as weather, rose variety, and freshness, it is the flower “cut stage” that consistently differentiates the roses at your local florist from the mass market retailer.  

February 05, 2019 — Robin Michler

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