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For five generations our florist family has continually grown flowers and plants for the people of Lexington, Kentucky.  Today John, Claudia, Robin and Jessamine Michler are joined by a staff of florists, horticulturalists, gardeners, and cooks to keep Lexington vibrant.   

We invite you to step into our downtown Lexington, KY florist and greenhouses and smell the latest blooms, drink a craft beer or glass of wine, and taste our herb inspired café menu.  We offer consultations to discuss wedding flowers, garden design, or how to spiff up your company’s appearance with a floral subscription.  

For our online visitors, we offer online ordering for local flower delivery anywhere in Lexington, Kentucky.  Our experienced flower design team is steeped in traditional design methods and charged with designing innovative and contemporary floral arrangements using carefully sourced local and florist quality flowers. 

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An open hand gestures towards glass terrariums that are filled with plants and moss

Lecture Recap: The Magic of Terrariums with Holli Friley

The best terrariums are made or given in the spirit of a memory or place and contains objects you have collected on your travels.  The magic happens when there is a dialogue between the terrarium and a person.  Learn how to make and take care a little world of your very own.
June 18, 2019 — Anna Campomanes
Simple Practical Bonsai Guidelines with Ryan Gugeler

Simple Practical Bonsai Guidelines with Ryan Gugeler

We had the great honor of having Ryan Gugeler, local bonsai artist and collector, demonstrate shaping a Blue Alps Juniper bonsai.  As Ryan worked, the crowd asked some really great questions about the general care and maintenance of bonsai.  Ryan's answered with his basic principals and are recounted in this post.
June 08, 2019 — Anna Campomanes
Lecture Recap: Cooking Asian Produce with Dan Wu

Lecture Recap: Cooking Asian Produce with Dan Wu

This was our tastiest talk yet!  Chef Dan Wu, Culinary Evangelist and Head Chef at Atomic Ramen, came with a whole grocery isle of new-to-us produce that originates from Asia.  Armed with a deep fryer and pre-cooked samples all of our senses were engaged.  Chef Dan's general advice for any unknown food? "Don't let the differences intimidate you, let the similarities draw you in."
May 30, 2019 — Anna Campomanes

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