Hardy Hibiscus

Hardy Hibiscus

These hardy hibiscus varieties bring a tropical feel north a few zones. They bloom in the middle of summer when heat and humidity are high. They like full sun but if it is particularly hot, they would appreciate a little shade. They look great planted toward the back of a flower bed so they can tower above and compliment it's plant neighbors.
July 13, 2018 — Holli Friley
Local Zinnias and Sunflowers from Greenhouse 17 at Michler's Florist

Flowers of Greenhouse 17

It's not uncommon for us to hear that plants make people happy but one of our favorite flower growers, Greenhouse 17, takes the idea to much greater heights. Greenhouse 17 is a safe, peaceful organization aimed at helping survivors of domestic abuse. A large part of the healing and restorative process takes place on 40 acre plot of land brimming with things green and growing of both edible and cut-flower varieties.
June 28, 2018 — Holli Friley
Balloon Flower

Balloon Flower

When I first saw the Balloon Flower,  I really didn't pay it much attention. It had nice foliage through the spring while so many flowers were shooting up tight knots of buds that burst into blooms. But then, in June, the buds began to form on the Balloon flower. They were pale green, light and airy and  absolutely living up to it's name.
June 14, 2018 — Holli Friley
Serviceberry Tree Michler's Greenhouse

The Serviceberry Tree (Amelanchier)

Whether you call it Serviceberry or Juneberry this sweet little tree has so much to offer. It is often planted as an ornamental because of it's slender, sculptural branches and attractive foliage. Beyond that, it bursts with small white blooms in the springtime which give way to deep red berries in June (giving it the nickname Juneberry!).
June 07, 2018 — Holli Friley
Book Bench Artists: Claudia Michler and Katherine Spears

Book Bench Artists: Claudia Michler and Katherine Spears

Thirty-Seven Book Benches are appearing in Lexington, these new benches are all painted by Kentucky Artists depicting books by Kentucky Authors.  We at Michler's are particurily excited about this public art project, because two of the benches are painted by team members here.  
June 01, 2018 — Robin Michler
Peonies and Baptisia - Local Field Fresh Flowers

Peonies and Baptisia - Local Field Fresh Flowers

After a long winter of greenhouse grown flowers, we are fully into local field flower season.  Here at Michler's Florist we are partial to the combination of our field grown Peonies and Baptisia (False Indigo), which bloom contemporaneously in May.  
May 23, 2018 — Robin Michler
Save the Bees: Pollinator Friendly Plants for Bees and Butterflies

Save the Bees: Pollinator Friendly Plants for Bees and Butterflies

Want to plant more flowers that help our pollinator friends? We have curated plant collections that bees and butterflies love, and when you buy your garden plants from Michler's you are buying plants free from harmful neonicotinoids, frequently used pesticides that can harm pollinators.  

Ready to get started? Here are six pollinator favorites we recommend:

May 08, 2018 — Robin Michler
Lilac bush at Michler's Florist and Greenhouse

Lilac Shrubs

Thinking about Mother's Day?  The Lilac 'Palibin' (Syringa myeri 'Palibin') bloom a tad bit later than the common Lilac, and thus are timed perfectly for Mother's Day.  John Michler planted a large boarder of this variety for his Mother in her front yard, so she can enjoy the beautiful and fragrant blooms each Mother's Day.  You can visit us and select from our large selection of lilacs or order a select florist quality plant for Mother's Day delivery.  
May 05, 2018 — Robin Michler
The Swells Brass Band at Kentucky Native Café

May Day Festival 2018

We invite you to the greenhouses and beer garden this coming Tuesday, May 1st, for the May Day Festival at Michler’s. Kentucky Native Café will be steeping Sweet Woodruff in wine for the traditional May Wine Bowl and serving up other seasonal spring treats.
April 23, 2018 — Robin Michler
Peony Plants at Michler's Florist, Greenhouses & Garden Design

Herbaceous Peonies

Early in spring, you will see small ruby red sprouts reaching out of the ground in many yards and gardens. These odd little limbs grow taller and glossy leaves begin to unfurl from all sidesVery soon, you have a bushy little peony getting ready to burst into bloom. 
April 12, 2018 — Holli Friley
Champaign Gift Box with Flowers | Michler's Florist

Now Delivering Wine Gift Crates

We are excited to be the first florist in Lexington licensed to sell and deliver wine gift boxes. We now offer a curated collection of wine and champaign that our florist pairs with flowers and plants to create beautiful wooden gift crates.  
April 09, 2018 — Robin Michler
Virginia Bluebells in Bloom at Michler's, Lexington, KY

Spring Ephemerals

April is here right along with our favorite spring ephemeral blooms. Ephemerals pop up to delight us for just a few weeks before vanishing again. A fun way to ring in spring is to head to the trails with the intention of spotting these fleeting woodland wildflowers.
April 04, 2018 — Holli Friley