Weekly Specials (Dec 11-17)

*Weekly special have been replaced with our selection of monthly and seasonal specials found under "shop" in the menu. 

We have decided to launch a new weekly specials collection.  For the first week we had to choose a few special arrangements, so we selected our most popular red rose arrangements of the season.  Each arrangement uses elegant white flowers to balance the scarlet red.  

Rose Centerpiece
Red Rose Centerpiece (above): Designed by John Michler.  
Normally $75
This week $65
Lilies and Roses (above):
Normally $60
This week $50
Red and Fragrant (above): Designed by Rachel
Normally $70
This week $50
December 10, 2011 — Robin Michler

Open House

Open House 
Thursday Dec 8th 

Michler’s Woodland Christmas:  

Jessamine and John Michler have brought in moss, rock, and bark from the backwoods to make Michler’s a living terrarium.

Join us for a first look at our new winter selection featuring:

Woodland Terrariums 
Bonsai Trees 
Vibrant plants and flowers 

PS John will be making wreaths at our wreath workshop throughout the open house
December 01, 2011 — Robin Michler