April is here right along with our favorite spring ephemeral blooms. Ephemerals pop up to delight us for just a few weeks before vanishing again. A fun way to ring in spring is to head to the trails with the intention of spotting these fleeting woodland wildflowers. Virginia Bluebells, a long-time favorite, have cool violet flowers against fresh green foliage. You could also see bright white Trillium, trout lilies and lady slipper orchids. They dot the forest floor, taking advantage of the winter trees before they grow leaves and cast shade everything under their canopy.  Although their brevity may suggest a weak and delicate nature, these plants are actually tough little growers. While many species lie dormant through the winter, spring ephemerals are busy preparing themselves for quick new growth and break the surface even with the threat of frost and snow. Come check out the spring ephemerals and early bloomers we have growing in our greenhouses. But come quick!
Holli Friley