Champaign Gift Box with Flowers | Michler's Florist

Now Delivering Wine Gift Crates

We are excited to be the first florist in Lexington licensed to sell and deliver wine gift boxes. We now offer a curated collection of wine and champaign that our florist pairs with flowers and plants to create beautiful wooden gift crates.  
April 09, 2018 — Robin Michler
Virginia Bluebells in Bloom at Michler's, Lexington, KY

Spring Ephemerals

April is here right along with our favorite spring ephemeral blooms. Ephemerals pop up to delight us for just a few weeks before vanishing again. A fun way to ring in spring is to head to the trails with the intention of spotting these fleeting woodland wildflowers.
April 04, 2018 — Holli Friley
annual seedlings michler's florist and greenhouse lexington, Kenucky

Starting Long Blooming Annuals

Behind the Florist shop here at Michler's, the greenhouses are bustling with the production of new plants that will be blooming in a matter of weeks. A  good portion of these are some favorite blooming annuals. After a long winter, the fresh and colorful blooms will be a welcomed invitation into the warmer months. 
March 28, 2018 — Holli Friley
Easter Lilies (Lilium longiflorum)

Easter Lilies (Lilium longiflorum)

Walk into Michler's this week and you won't miss the fragrance of Easter Lilies (also called Trumpet Lilies) drifting though the florist. Easter Lilies with their large snow white flowers mark the arrival of Spring and the celebration of Eastertide.
March 24, 2018 — Robin Michler
Tete-a-Tete Daffodils in Bloom at Michler's Florist

Spring Daffodils in Bloom

For those looking for something for their Easter table we also sell blooming bulbs including the Tete-e-Tete Daffodil in pots.  When the holiday is over and they are done blooming, just plant them out in the yard. They will continue to bloom for many springs to come.  
March 20, 2018 — Robin Michler
Garden Kentucky Native Cafe Michler's Lexington, Kentucky

Restorative Gardens with Biophilic Design

Like your home, your garden should a place that you can go to relax and enjoy spending time. Biophilic design is the fusion of functionality and natural landscaping which offers you a fresh, restorative outdoor spaceA well-designed garden can be a place to sit alone quietly or a festive spot to share a good meal with friends and family.
March 19, 2018 — Holli Friley
Bread Seed Poppies in Bloom | Michler's Florist, Greenhouses & Garden Design

Time to Sow Poppy Seeds

One of our favorite varieties here at Michler's is the Bread Seed Poppy, because it has a beautiful purple flower and produced pods full of delicious Poppy seeds. If you ate any of our Lemon Poppy Seed Cookies we sold at the Christmas Market, you ate Poppy seeds from our garden patch photographed above.  
March 12, 2018 — Robin Michler
Custom design with Fritillaria Persica, Fritillaria Imperial Orange and Checkered Fritillaria

Frittilaria: A Spring Flower Favorite

One of the more unusual bulb flower varieties is Frittilaria.  Frittilaria varieties range dramatically in size and looks from the small purple Checkered Fritillaria (Fritillaria Meleagris) to the large bright Fritillaria Imperial Orange and the tall deep purple Fritillaria Persica.
March 08, 2018 — Robin Michler
A weekly CSA share from Rootbound Farm

Sourcing Local Organic Produce

We recommend Rootbound Farm's CSA because they are certified organic and grow many of our favorite vegetables you see on our rotating seasonal menu including Italian Eggplants (smaller that what you find at the grocery), Lancinato Kale, Red Gold Potatoes, Basil Genovese, and Candy Stripe Beets. 
March 06, 2018 — Robin Michler

Valentine's Flowers in Lexington, KY

Create Your Romantic Experience

How do you want your Valentine's Flowers presented? Our arrangements feature romantic roses thoughtfully designed and delivered anywhere in Lexington, KY.

Not sure what would be ideal? Explore our Valentine's Day floral recommendations here.  

As always, you may order
By phone: 859.254.0383
In person: 417 E Maxwell Street

Red Roses and Stargazer Lilies

Simple and Elegant

Red Roses and Calla Lilies

Tall and graceful

February 09, 2018 — Robin Michler

Kentucky Native Café - Spring 2017

If you are looking to spend lots of time with us, consider applying for our upcoming season at Kentucky Native Café.    

Ability to work evenings and weekends is a must, as well as a willingness to lift and cary heavy dish racks. We are a fast paced café that serves craft beer and wine alongside hearty and flavorful salads and baked goods we prepare from scratch. Absolutely no smoking during the work shift. The job starts April 1st.  

Still interested? Click here for the application.  

March 06, 2017 — Robin Michler

Now Hiring - Spring 2017

Are you looking to work, learn and sweat?

Michler’s is hiring. We are gearing up spring and are hiring assistants in the florist, greenhouses, delivery, & garden crew.  As we are a small business, expect more than one role and weekend flexibility is required.  

We have an all-star staff and new positions are (at least initially) assistant positions with a starting wage of $10 an hour.  Thus, prior horticulture experience is not a requirement.  Work at Michler’s requires prolonged standing, walking, lifting, squatting, and bending, sometimes in extreme heat or cold.  The applicant must have the stamina and schedule to work until the job is done.  Absolutely no smoking during the workday. 

If you are interested in applying for a position, please fill out this application and bring it by the shop. 

February 17, 2017 — Robin Michler