Thirty-Seven Book Benches are appearing in Lexington, these new benches are all painted by Kentucky Artists depicting books by Kentucky Authors.  We at Michler's are particurily excited about this public art project, because two of the benches are painted by team members here.  

The bench featured top left is painted by Kentucky Native Café employee Katherine Spears.  Katherine's bench depicts imagery from Kathleen Driskell's poetry book Seed Across Snow.  Katherine writes: 

I was inspired by how beautifully Kathleen Driskell’s poetry relates human experience to the natural environment. On this bench, I’ve included imagery from multiple poems in Seed Across Snow, focusing in particular on those that reveal a love of place and have a distinct Kentucky character.

The bench featured top right is painted by Michler's very own Claudia Michler.  Claudia's bench depicts tree imagery for Tom Kimmerer's book Venerable Trees. Claudia writes: 

In Venerable Trees, Tom Kimmerer teaches readers how Bur Oaks, some of which are hundreds of years old, are part of the unique living history in the Bluegrass Region.  These ancient trees and their saplings need protection to continue Kentucky’s cultural and environmental legacy.  On this Book Bench, Bur Oak leaves spring up amid a cacophony of native plant companions. 

Stop by Michler's and let Claudia or Katherine know if you spotted one of their benches around town!


Robin Michler