As designers, we are always trying new things, and that is part of what being a local business is all about. Yet, something about Christmas brings out the traditionalist in even the most experimental designer.  Thus, fear not, for there are some things about Christmas, with which we shall not tinker.  The Sugar Plum Tree is one of those items.

Introduced to Lexington by Jean and Karl Michler after seeing them on a trip to Chicago about 65 years ago, they became a Christmas tradition at Michler's.  In an age where styles change so fast, it is refreshing to make a custom tree for you year after year, decade after decade. If you want one of our classic Sugar Plum Trees, drop us a line or click the link to let us know your preferred decorations and we will design and decorate your Sugar Plum Tree. Our trees are available for pickup in our downtown Lexington, KY florist shop or for delivery anywhere in Fayette County.  

Robin Michler