A few days ago, a group of kids walked up to our white blooming hibiscus and one said, " Which one's bigger...my face or this flower?" They laughed and talked about how it was a cool flower for giants. From a young age, most of us are drawn to large plants. We start out with a small scope of nature, picking at dandelions and clovers and so seeing a flower as tall as your parents with a bigger-than-your-face flower is pretty extraordinary. These hardy hibiscus varieties bring a tropical feel north a few zones. They bloom in the middle of summer when heat and humidity are high. They like full sun but if it is particularly hot, they would appreciate a little shade. They look great planted toward the back of a flower bed so they can tower above and compliment it's plant neighbors. Right now we have white and deep red blooming hibiscus in our courtyard.
Holli Friley