Whether you call it Serviceberry or Juneberry this sweet little tree has so much to offer. It is often planted as an ornamental because of it's slender, sculptural branches and attractive foliage. Beyond that, it bursts with small white blooms in the springtime which give way to deep red berries in June (giving it the nickname Juneberry!). It gets bonus points for these berries being edible and tasting like a cherry crossed with a blueberry. Birds enjoy these berries as much as you do so get them while they're good!  We should also nod to the fact that it is a U.S. native, low maintenance, and tolerates clay soil. And what about some showy orange-red fall color? It's got that too. We're serviceberry fans here because they are beautiful, edible, and generally a great addition to a garden of practically any size, shape, or soil. 
Holli Friley