A flock of heart-shaped petals flare upward and hover over deep sliver-green foliage on the houseplant favorite, cyclamen. Clusters of bowing buds wait to lift up their petals alongside the mass of flared blooms forming months of showy bloom time. You can find colors of red, pink, purple, and white.

For good reason, it has been a popular decorative plant for over a hundred years. If your are looking for a blooming houseplant, the cyclamen* is one of the best.

Just follow a few key points to keep your cyclamen happy.

- Place your cyclamen in a somewhat cool spot in your house with bright indirect light. 

- Water your cyclamen from the saucer below to avoid their delicate leaves and blooms.

You can find blooming cyclamen in our greenhouses during the cooler months from mid November until February (or until sold out).  If you visit our cyclamen product page, you can can also place a delivery order anywhere in Lexington, KY. 

*We are discussing the tropical cyclamen. There are also hardy perennial cyclamen, which are a great addition to your garden, but not the variety discussed here. 

Holli Friley