Whether you are peeling sweet potatoes in the winter or coring tomatoes in the summer, preparing fruits and vegetables means a pile of organic material that too often ends up in the landfill. If you have a backyard, composting is the easy answer. It is simple to do, and you can attend a class like the ones offered at the library from Seedleaf.  

For those of you who lack the space (or the desire), Seedleaf offers a compost pick-up service.  Diverting your vegetable trimmings from the landfill couldn’t be easier than this.  

Kentucky Native Café is fortunate enough to be one of Seedleaf's restaurant compost partners. Each week during café season Seedleaf picks up our fruit and vegetable trimming and turns them into compost for their community gardens.  

If you are interested in reducing your household waste, Seedleaf is a great resource and service here in Lexington. 

Robin Michler