By Anna Campomanes

What is the secret to gardening for and with children?  Honor the child’s nature and remember the bumblebee!  Children and bumblebees have a lot in common in the garden.  They both are constantly in motion, they are explorers at heart, they are investigators, and they thrive in natural environments.  For adults, this means letting go of your preconceived notions of what a garden is and maybe embrace a little chaos.

So leave that fallen log in your yard!  Keep a mound of dirt in the corner! Plant edible plants and herbs that your little ones can graze on!  Place rocks and stumps in random spots to turn over and find critters under! Stack a bunch of branches and sticks for forts that can be put together and demolished all summer!  Plant the tree to climb! Plant shrubs to hide under! Plant everyone’s favorite color!

The garden will change as your kids change.  Maybe that tree that was so fun to climb will turn into relaxing spot to read under.  A static garden is not meant for children. Embrace the chaos and have fun!

This lecture was part of the Potting Shed Lecture Series

Anna Campomanes