Swiss Chard - Beta vulgaris 'Bright Lights'


An annual leafy garden vegetable closely related to beets but lacking the fleshy underground roots. Swiss chard forms a dense rosette of upright-arching, crumpled, glossy leaves with distinctive midribs and broad, crisp stalks. The stalks and leaves are edible. The 'Bright Lights' variety features showy stalks in a mixture of bright colors including golden yellow, pink, orange, red, purple, and white. It is often grown ornamentally or as a vegetable for harvest of the stalks and leaves. The young, tender leaves (remove outer leaves first) make tasty and colorful additions to salads and vegetable dishes; older stalks and leaves are typically cooked before being eaten. Plants perform best in moist, light, fertile, organically-rich, well-drained soils with full sun to light shade. Needs regular and consistent moisture, with additional water provided during hot and dry summer periods. Swiss chard also makes a nice container plant. 1-2'H x .75-1.5'W. USDA Zones 2-11.

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