Potting Shed Lecture Series


*This series is not currently taking place. Enjoy a collection of photos and guest speakers from past events below.*



August 5th
Our Better Nature
Speakers: Trevor Claiborn of Black Soil Life
Explore the resilience and historic journey of black land ownership and cultural foodways as means of survival in America. Join Black Soil: Our Better Nature co-founders, Trevor and Ashley, as they highlight Kentucky's black agricultural roots and contributions and their current work across the state.
August 13th
Designing Handtied Bouquets
Speaker: Sarah Drury

Watch as Sarah Drury of Michler’s Florist demonstrates the centuries old technique of designing a hand tied style bouquet.Together we will explore the methodology behind creating a masterpiece floral design in your hand

August 20th
More Than Just Milkweed
Speaker: Cody Jones
Join us to learn about important native North American host plants for our pollinator species. Adding important host plants to your garden can increase crop yields, provide essential nutrients for nesting songbirds, and so much more.
August 27th
Freestyle Ikebana
Speaker: Brooke Pohl
A demonstration of Freestyle Ikebana, going beyond the rules and creating spectacular flower arrangements from Michlers’ gardens.
September 3rd
The Extraordinary Lives of “Ordinary” Birds
Speaker: Dr. Rebecca Fox, Associate Professor of Biology at Transylvania
While rare birds and flashy migrants may capture most of the headlines and win most of the photo contests, some of our most common backyard visitors and so-called “trash” birds are actually pretty incredible in their own right. Dr. Becky Fox, associate professor of biology at Transylvania University, will share some of their stories, from the impossible-seeming migration of the ruby throated hummingbird to the astonishing adaptability of the house finch to the European starling’s surprising gift for mimicry (which may very well be why Mozart kept one as a pet). You may never look at that chickadee at your feeder the same way again!
September 10th
Drawing Botanical Letters
Speaker: Laura Poulette, Meadow House Studio
September 17th
Food Photography
Speaker: Kaitlyn Melvin
September 24th
No lecture
We are taking a week off -- join us for Oktoberfest on the 25th-27th!
October 1st
Dr. James Wagner
Transylvania University
Bugs of America
Insects and Spiders in John James Audubon's Birds of America prints.
October 8th
Speaker: Stacy Borden and Dave Leonard with Trees Lexington
Pocket Tree Nurseries. You have seen them popping up around Lexington, find out all about them from Trees Lexington members and arborists.  
October 15th
Speaker: John Michler
This talks is a special Tree Week event! Join John Michler on a discussion of new ideas to increase Lexington's Urban Tree Canopy.