You may not have an interest in what types of shrubs are in your neighbor’s yard or woodland spring ephemerals, but you have eaten something in your life that has come from a plant.  In many ways that is the perfect place to start your gardening adventures and luckily for you growing a culinary herb garden is easy!

Culinary herb gardens can be as simple as window box or an entire garden.  At Michler’s we have locally grown herb plants to suit a world of culinary tastes.


Michler’s Favorites

Lemongrass – an aromatic culinary staple thorough out Asia, lemongrass is an essential ingredient in coconut curries and soups!  Wrap up a small bundle and drop into a broth, when cooking rice or stuffing a chicken.  Lemongrass pairs well with ginger and garlic.

Thyme – a versatile herb that lends a depth to sweet or savory dishes without overpowering.  Use a whole stem and drop it into a soup or strip the leaves for a lemon thyme pound cake. Plant it outside your kitchen door and to enjoy this herb year after year.  Thyme pairs well with garlic and lemon.

Cilantro – an herb is best used fresh, Cilantro brightens up dishes with a lemon pepper taste.  Chop it into small pieces and serve on the table to finish a dish.  Alternately, let the plant bloom and go to seed for Coriander. Use this herb in your salsas!

Bay Laurel – this herb does double duty!  It will add depth to your soups and stews and is unique suited to keeping indoors as houseplant (a rarity for culinary herbs). Bay laurel is an herb from the Mediterranean and pairs well with fish and tomatoes.


Robin Michler