Recently the Chevy Chase Magazine reached out to us and other local businesses in search of holiday decor DIY projects.  We wrote up directions for how to make a Michler's quality wreath - it is a customer favorite and many of the supplies are outside in your yard.  You can find the full Chevy Chase article by clicking here.  

DIY Holiday Wreath

By Robin Michler, Michler’s Florist, Greenhouses and Garden Design

Each December, you can find Michler’s owner John Michler working long evenings at the Michler’s wreath table, where he creates dozens of handmade, full-bodied, mixed evergreen wreaths. An annual customer favorite at Michler’s, the mixed evergreen wreath can also be beautifully made at home following John Michler’s instructions.

1. Gather the following materials: a wire wreath frame, a paddle or spool of wire, and a selection of fresh evergreens. For the evergreens, take a look around the yard, as many people have excellent options right at home – boxwood, holly, magnolia, taxus, spruce, pine and juniper are all good choices. Michler’s also sells evergreens by the pound.

2. Cut evergreens into pieces about the size of your hand. If they are too long, they will be too floppy.

3. Take your paddle or spool of wire, and tie the loose end to the frame.

4. Layer a few pieces of greens – we call this small group of greens a “hand” – and using the paddle of wire, wrap the base of the hand to the frame.

5. Repeat, placing the top of each new hand over the stems of the previous one and wrapping the newly placed stems firmly with wire to the frame until the greens go all the way around.

6. Cut the wire, leaving enough room to pull it through the frame and tie it off.

7. Using additional wire, attach decorations such as a bow, pinecones and berries onto the wreath.

Now your wreath is ready for the door of your choice.

Robin Michler