Our staff at the florist shop handwrite hundreds of enclosure cards every week, and over the years, they've truly seen it all!  Here are some tips from our team to help you as you search for just the right words this Valentine's Day.

Be concise

Enclosure cards are small, so choose your words carefully: as Shakespeare famously wrote, "Brevity is the soul of wit."  Being concise also gives the words you do use more power. There's a big difference between "you're so easy to talk to, and I love how we can always talk about everything" and "I love how approachable and authentic you are."

Be specific

It's easy to say that someone has "a great personality" or "a beautiful smile"--but what makes your darling special?  The key to a swoon-worthy note is for the recipient to feel that the note could only have been written for them.  Were you floored when your sweetheart nailed their Elvis Presley impression at karaoke night last Tuesday?  Can't believe you actually know someone compassionate enough to rescue a cat stuck in a tree?  Point it out!  Examples make words like kind, nice, and funny mean more.

Be prepared

Coming up with a thoughtful message on the spot can be daunting.  If you know you'll be sending your loved one a gift this Valentine's Day, set aside a few moments to plan your message before you order.  Will your message be funny or heartfelt?  Sweet or a little saucy?  Forethought can make the difference between an enclosure card that's tossed and one that's saved for years.

Whatever you say to the person you love this Valentine's Day, remember that one small card can't possibly sum up the whole of your relationship.  Spend a few minutes on your message, then send it on its way.  There are 364 other days in the year and plenty of ways beyond an enclosure card to tell someone how much you care.

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Flora Michler