Wedding season is coming to a close at Michler's!  In recent years, more and more couples have chosen cooler weather and warmer tones for their weddings leading to a wedding season that peaks in October instead of June.  Our designers have spent the past few months creating bouquets as unique as the people who will carry them down the aisle.

If wedding bells are in your future (or if you're trying to help a friend navigate their wedding planning extravaganza), here are a few tips from the wedding team here at Michler's.

Do plan ahead: We'll always do our best to accommodate last-minute wedding needs, but for larger events and specific requests, try to give us at least three months notice.

Don't plan too far ahead: The best time to talk wedding flowers is after you have already booked a venue and have a rough idea of how many guests you're expecting.  That way, our designers can tailor their decor recommendations to your space, and your floral quote can be more accurate.

Do tell us what you like: Favorite colors and flowers?  We want to know!  Can't stand roses?  Clue us in!  Your wedding flowers will be a collaboration between you and the designer, highlighting what's seasonally available in your style and color palette.

Don't plan every bloom in your bouquet: No need to place undue pressure on yourself!  If you have a color palette or style in mind, our designers can take it from there.  We'll accommodate your preferences as much as we can, but we do like to leave some flexibility to include seasonal elements. 

And, most importantly:

Do talk to us: Whether or not you end up using us as your wedding florist, we're happy to answer questions by email or over the phone.  Planning a wedding can feel overwhelming!  Let us demystify it for you in any way we can.

Ready for a chat about your big day? Give us a call at 859-254-0383 to schedule a consultation with one of our wedding designers.

If you just need a bouquet and boutonniere, we offer the option to order simple Elopement Flowers online.


Priscilla DeFini