So many summer traditions center around fruit!  Pies at backyard cookouts, expeditions to blueberry patches, sweet mouthfuls of watermelon - it's practically impossible to separate the season from its flavors.

If you'd like to make your outdoor space a little more "fruitful," our greenhouses are a great place to start.


We carry four varieties of blueberry bushes, all of which are hardy in the Lexington area.  Particularly notable are the Blue Ray variety, which bears extra-large, super sweet berries, and the Northland variety, which is compact and extremely hardy.


Blackberry plants are self-fertile (meaning you don't need to plant more than one for them to bear fruit) and produce abundant harvests of antioxidant-rich berries.  The thornless variety we carry does well in full sun with well-drained soil.


More popular in Europe than in the United States, don't let this fruit's funny name discourage you from giving it a try!  When they're ripe and red, gooseberries are sweet with a slightly sour note--great in mixed berry pies or jams.  Green, unripe gooseberries are much more sour but add an interesting punch to both sweet and savory recipes.


What could be more iconic than cherry pie--especially when the cherries came from your own cherry tree?  We carry the Montmorency cherry tree, which is a sour cherry perfect for pies and preserves.  For the best crop, we recommend planting two or more cherry trees.


A colorful perennial that doubles as a pie filling!  Give your rhubarb a year to establish itself after planting so that you have lots of healthy stalks to harvest in years to come.  If rhubarb pie isn't to your taste, try this tart plant in a simple syrup to flavor cocktails and sodas or in a mixed fruit jam.

Flora Michler