At Michler's, we're gearing up for spring both in the greenhouses and in our own spaces.  We took a quick poll of our staff members' top picks for spring.  As expected, we got answers as creative and diverse as the lovely people who work here.

Rachel (floral designer)

Rachel would love to plant one of everything we have in stock!  Mostly, she hopes the wisteria she planted last year comes back.  Rachel also loves planting clematis, bleeding heart, columbine, lily of the valley, peonies, hydrangea, and phlox.

Cynthia (greenhouses)

Cynthia is excited to plant cypress vine--the hummingbirds go crazy over it!

Emily (greenhouses)

Though Emily's outdoor space isn't the most expansive, she wishes she could plant as many native wildflowers as she could get.  She would also love to have a salsa garden--her mom has a wonderful family recipe that she would love to try out.

Sarah (floral designer)

Sarah is super excited to plant unique varieties of root vegetables.  Round carrots, weird watermelon radishes and turnips--Sarah is ready for it all!  She is also looking forward to planting her yearly dried flower cut garden.

Elliot (delivery)

If Elliot had a yard, he would love to plant tomatoes and eggplant.

Jessamine (floral designer)

Jessamine is looking forward to fresh herb pots, a great way to provide a quick garnish to any meal.  What's in Jessamine's herb pots?  Chives, parsley, basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme--a little bit of everything!

Priscilla (floral designer)

Priscilla is excited to plant cosmos and pussywillow this spring.  She's also hoping that her lavender and strawberry plants wintered well so that she can enjoy them again this year.

We're stocking our greenhouses with time-tested classics and fun new favorites for the spring planting season.  Visit us in the coming weeks as you plan your garden!  We would love to help turn your planting dreams into reality.

Flora Michler