Also known as floriography, the "language of flowers" was a staple of Victorian society.  Assigning special meanings to flowers allowed Victorians to express their feelings in coded nosegays and floral trinkets at a time when displays of emotion were frowned upon.

Interested in sending someone you love a gift full of romantic symbolism?  Try one of these options:

Tulips: These charming spring favorites mean "I declare my love for you"--perfect for a new romance.

Orchids: A beautiful houseplant and a colorful show.  Phalanopsis orchids mean "elegance and beauty." Gift one to a sweetheart who's especially classy!

Roses: They're classics for a reason!  The rose symbolizes love, and the color of the bloom can communicate the level of affection: white for innocent love, pink for a developing romance, and red for deep passion.

Flora Michler