Houseplants have been brightening up people's indoor spaces for generations.  The next time you feel like a blast from the past, wander through our tropical greenhouse and see if you can spot some of these tried-and-true favorites.

1960s: Begonias and Philodendrons

The Victorians kicked off the houseplant craze around the turn of the century, but foliage plants had declined in popularity in the intervening decades.  Enter the 1960s and a renewed interest in luscious greenery to brighten up suburban living.

1970s: Spider plants and Pothos

Nothing says '70s like vines and tendrils tumbling from hanging planters.  For an extra retro kick, nestle your hanging beauty into a macrame plant holder.

1980s: Palms

The decadence of the 1980s lent itself to a more artificial design aesthetic.  When plants showed up as design elements, they were sure to be show-stoppers.  Think of the dramatic palm trees in many indoor shopping malls.

1990s: Cacti and Succulents

Boho chic trends increased interest in desert landscapes and the American southwest, so houseplants took a turn toward the arid. 

Flora Michler