Nine Reasons to Consider Applying to Work at Kentucky Native Café

Here are nine wonderful and honest aspects of working with us at the cafe:  

  1. Work every day in a wooded garden. 
  2. Prepare food and drinks from scratch with the best ingredients we can source.  
  3. Build arm muscles by lifting racks of hot dishes over and over again.    
  4. Listen to local musicians play their tunes.  
  5. Enjoy a sauna-like experience from the dishwasher’s steam.
  6. Watch the fragrant Locust flowers rain down on the garden.
  7. Savor the slightest hint of breeze on hot humid Kentucky days. 
  8. Move and groove to match the hustle of a bustling café. 
  9. Create a space for organizers, book clubs, foreign language speakers, poets, and artist to meet and discuss the happenings around town.   

If you got to the bottom of the list and you can see yourself working with us, we encourage you to consider applying to join the team at Kentucky Native Cafe. 

PS In addition to fair hiring practices, we commit to being a TV, microwave, and mayonnaise free institution. 

April 29, 2021 — Robin Michler