Lavender's fragrant flowers and foliage have been used throughout history to heal, flavor, and beautify.  Interested in making this versatile plant part of your life?  Here are some of our favorite uses for lavender.

In the Kitchen

Dried lavender flowers make a wonderful addition to cakes, muffins, and scones.  Try pairing them with flavors like lemon or your favorite berry for a tasty summer treat. At Kentucky Native Café, we sprinkle lavender flowers on the seasonal fruit we serve with honey and burrata cheese.  

You can also use fresh lavender to flavor lemonades, cocktails, and homemade sodas.  Or, for a savory twist, add lavender stems to the grill while cooking meat to infuse your meal with herbal flavor.

Crisp and Clean

Sprinkle dried lavender on your carpet; let it sit for a few minutes, then vacuum it up.  The lavender will freshen up your vacuum and fill the room with fragrance.

Tuck dried lavender sachets into your sock drawer, linen cupboard, or anywhere that could use a burst of scent.  Sachets can also be used in place of dryer sheets.


Lavender has long been used to promote restful sleep.  Try boiling dried flowers in water and inhaling the steam before bed or scenting your pillowcases with lavender. 

Add a sachet of dried lavender to a hot bath for a spa-like experience.  If showers are more your style, hang a bunch of dried lavender from your shower spigot to fill the room with scented steam.

In the Garden

Lavender grows abundantly in gardens around Lexington and generally (but not always) overwinters here in Kentucky.  Drought-tolerant lavender plants enjoy our limestone based silt-loam soils. Once established, lavender will quickly fill in a garden bed, giving you a taste of the famous lavender fields of Provence in your own backyard.  Of course, as a florist, we would be remiss not to mention that our Provence and Phenomenal Lavenders also make an excellent cut flower.

Ready to plant?

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Flora Michler