If you're longing for clusters of tulips or hyacinth next spring, now is the time to start planning your fall bulb planting.  Not sure how to plant bulbs?  The process is simple:

Pick the Time and Place

Most bulbs do best in full sun and well-drained soil.  For spring-blooming beauties, plant in September or October once the soil has cooled.

Go Deep

Generally, you'll dig a hole two to three times deeper than the bulb is tall.  There are exceptions, however, so be sure to do your research if this is your first time planting.  When you've got a big enough hole, drop the bulbs in pointy side up.  If the bulb doesn't have a discernible pointy end, just make sure the side with roots is facing down. 

Fill In the Gaps

Once your bulbs are in place, gently fill in the rest of the hole with soil.  Water your bulbs well to eliminate air pockets in the soil--these air pockets can dry out your bulbs and keep them from blooming.

Flora Michler