Houseplants provide the recipient with the satisfaction of caring for and watching a plant grow and change over time.  Some plants can even last for decades!

If you like the idea of a living gift but aren't sure how to select the right one, try one of the following.

The New Plant Parent: Sansevieria

When you know that someone in your life would love a living addition to their space but you also know they aren't the best about watering schedules, a sansevieria might be the plant for them.  Flexible about light and designed to thrive with little water, these striking plants are a perfect introduction to houseplant parenthood.

Looking for a Challenge: Bonsai

These tiny trees are not for the faint of heart, but they make timeless gifts for the more experienced plant-lover who's ready for a challenge.  Each bonsai is unique, so you can select one that suits your loved one's personality. 

Colorful Personality: Bromeliad or Croton

If your loved one has panache, gift them a bromeliad or a croton.  Bromeliads have long-lasting blooms and are easy to care for; crotons are a little more demanding, but you can't beat their multicolored foliage for a tropical statement piece.

Small Space, Big Heart: Succulent Planter

Easy-to-care-for succulents take up little space but are big on charm--perfect for a dorm room or studio apartment with a sunny window ledge.  Buy a collection of individual pots to keep in a row or try a little planter like the Weston.

Furry Friends: Terrarium

A sturdy terrarium is one of the best ways to keep mischievous pets and tempting houseplants apart.  We recommend our Apothecary Terrarium, which is designed in an elegant jar that can be placed on any shelf or table that receives bright, indirect sunlight.

Not sure what will work best in your loved one's space?  Send them a gift certificate to our florist and greenhouses.  Our gift certificates never expire - the recipient is welcome to wander through our greenhouses until they find just the right plant friend to bring home.

Flora Michler