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Ocimum basilicum 'Fino Verde' (fino verde basil)


Fino Verde basil is very compact and dense, perfect for garden borders and containers. The leaves are much smaller (less than 1" long) than those of most basils. The flavor is similar to that of sweet basil, but stronger and spicier. Leaves are easy to use in cooking because the twigs can be included; they also make superb additions to salads. The plant's rounded form, bright green foliage, and lovely aroma make it an ideal fresh-cut, tabletop adornment for all occasions, including weddings. 0.5-1'H x .5-.75'W.

Please note: Our online herb selection is NOT a live inventory--sizes and prices change (i.e. plants grow). We also may be sold out. Please visit or call for current availability. This item is not suitable to order as a gift. For our floral customers we suggest sending a kitchen herb garden.

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